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Located on a large open field in the Pechersdorf district of Bodenwald, the Wiesenfest is the biggest beer festival in the Known Lands. It traditionally starts on the third Whiteday of Invar, and lasts for 16 days. It attacts more than a million visitors each year, many of them from abroad.

Of special note are the various festival tents, each owned by one of the major breweries of Bodenwald. Since space is limited, numerous organizations - from local associations to major companies like the Gemeinschaftsbank and organizations up to and including the Athanatos Clubs are traditionally renting their own tables, to be reserved for their own members and their most valued guests. To be invited to such a table is a major honor, and the connections that can be made during a drunken night of revelry should not be underestimated. Likewise, the tongues loosened by alcohol often let various secrets slip, and many participants hope to learn useful information without revealing any secrets of their own.

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