William Dobson
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It is one of the greatest regrets in the life of William Dobson that he was as a human, and not an elf. Starting with the fairy tales he read as a child, he first became fascinated and then obsessed with this race. He collected artwork and other items of elven craftsmanship (more than a few of which were fake) and immersed himself in texts about elven culture (some of which were of dubious accuracy). As the sole remaining male heir to a rich merchant family (he has two sisters, only one of which he is still on speaking terms with as the other is suing him over the inheritance with the help of her husband, a rich lawyer), he has ample resources to pursue this interest.

All this would make him nothing more than a rich eccentric in a city full of rich eccentrics, but he has recently determined that if he may never be truly elven, then at least his children should be half-elves, and he has thus set out to seek an elven (or sidhe) bride. When he finally finds a focus for his obsession, he might initially seem to be charming, flattering, and quite the eligible bachelor, but eventually his single-minded obsessiveness should become apparent and serve as a warning sign, whereupon his chosen bride will likely seek to break the relationship off. William will not take this rejection well and continue to pursue her beyond reason, and if all else fails he will use hired ruffians to abduct her and imprison her in his (quite sound-proof) attic until she consents to a (private) marriage ceremony.

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William Dobson is a potential villain in the vein of Ambrosio from the classic Gothic tale "The Monk" who lets himself become consumed by his passions, but more modern parallels can be seen with numerous examples of celebrity stalkers. Of course, his "plan" might easily go wrong - a female elven or sidhe PC is unlikely to play the role of the Distressed Damsel and make him deeply regret his actions if he should survive. In case of a sufficiently powerful party easily capable of blocking his unwanted advances, he might even be played for laughs.


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