Worg Hills
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These are home to the Umgazû, or wolf clan. Consisting of a large number of goblin worg riders with a few families of ruling hobgoblins who ride dire wolves, they feel bitter to the rest of the Dominions and especially the Mugrash Horse Clan, whom they feel has usurped their rightful place in Dominion society. Once upon a time, the Wolf Clan controlled vast stretches of land, and all trembled before their might. But while wolves were more ferocious on an individual basis, horses could be trained to be part of orderly military maneuvers which in combination with their highly disciplined and trained fighters often made them more effective fighters. This, and the fact that wolves need a much larger territory to feed themselves than horses, lead to a steady loss of territory to the Mugrash until the wolf riders found themselves in their present, much reduced state.

Now frequently reduced to banditry, the wolf riders are a shadow of their former selves. The younger ones argue for a more aggressive stance against the Mugrash, but the older leaders only dream of one last war in which they can fight, and where they can go out in a blaze of glory so that the Umgazû can live forever in the myths and songs of all hobgoblins, instead of slowly dwindling down until they are reduced to nothing and forgotten.

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