World's End Archipelago
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To the east of Chakata and the Tsan Empire stretches the World's End Archipelago - uncounted numbers of islands large and small almost stretching from pole to pole, almost as if some divine hand had picked up a large continent and smashed it down back on Rothea, shattering it into innumerable small pieces. The largest islands have a length of hundreds of miles, but they are vastly outnumbered by small ones not exceeding a mile in diameter. Some regions are dominated by vast empires and kingdoms ruling hundreds of islands and receiving hundreds more, while other regions consist of numerous independent tribes constantly struggling to keep the domains they have.

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I asked myself: "What would Pacific Asia look like if all those island nations - Japan, the Philippines, Maritime Southeast Asia, even New Zealand - were part of one huge archipelago stretching from pole to pole?"

I don't know yet. But the World's End Archipelago is a start towards answering that question..


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