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A member of a vast clan of eastern dragons serving the Tsan Empire, Wuanlong is the most senior dragon in the Sunset Province, and thus the other dragons defer to him. He is genuinely convinced that the social structure of the Tsan Empire is better for the non-dragon races than any other, and it is his dream to one day see the world united under its banner. At the moment, he concentrates on assimilating the Sunset Province, a task which has proved to be frustratingly difficult. He has had only sporadic success in catching the Khazad Nomads at raiding red-handed, and his moral nature forbids indiscriminate reprisals against nomads who might be innocent of any wrongdoing. He suspects that they might receive outside help which protects them from his scrying. The impending succession crisis troubles him greatly, and has caused him to redouble his efforts to bring peace and quiet to the province.

His one weakness is his lover Amanthera, an elf from Tuvareen whom he loves dearly and dotes upon. If anything were to happen to her, he would stop at nothing to find and punish the guilty party.

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