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Lord of Divinations, Whisperer of Truths, Opener of the Way

Seers, prophets, visionaries - all of these can be counted among the followers of Ygreb. His greatest clerics are said to have accurate glimpses into the far future (Durgoth of Byblos was said to be one of them), but they frequently have problems communicating their revelations with others. Many cloak their knowledge in cryptic verses, while others tell of the future in wild ramblings that can hardly be distinguished from those of a madman. It seems to be true that most of those who become too close to Ygreb tend to become utterly mad, though their frequent consumption of drugs in pursuit of visions might be at least partially to blame for this. Even those who remain somewhat coherent usually speak only to warn of disaster, which is why clerics of Ygreb tend to be unpopular in most places. Ygreb is also said to know the secret power of all names, which is why naming ceremonies are often made in his honor.

His priests are taught the following by their elder peers:

  • Disperse the mists of time any way you can.
  • Study the mysteries of the past to learn the secrets of the future.
  • Do not reveal more than needed to the uninitiated, for they are not ready for the entire truth.

His symbol is ten floating eyeballs.

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