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Population: 763,498

As the premier factory city of the Lands of the Dead, Ylentos tries to present a welcoming face to immigrants. Indeed, it gives newcomers places in dormitories where they can stay for up to three months without paying rent, and food is often distributed for free. And the gleaming citadels of the merchant overlords seem to promise a wealth of opportunities for those willing to grasp them. As a result, the city attracts a steady stream of desperately poor people arriving from the hinterlands of the region.

But newcomers soon realize that this is a sham - the dormitories are decrepit, the food infrequent and stale, and corruption and negligence of officials pervade the city. As a result, riots are frequent as the huddled masses vent their rage and frustration. But whenever a riot breaks out, the rulers send out gigantic golems into the slums who pick up people at random and throw them into huge metallic containers on their backs. These unfortunates are never seen again, and things soon quiet down - until the inevitable next riot.

The metallic containers carried by the golems are actually necromantic furnaces which are able to process living, intelligent beings into azoth. This azoth forms the foundation of the economy of the city, allowing Ylentos to produce so many magic items. Thus, the ruling families have a vested interest in encouraging immigration, as each new arrival represents another body for the furnaces. They also deliberately keep conditions squalid - and use agent provocateurs - to trigger the frequent riots, so that they can send out the golems as a form of "restoring order".

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