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15 years ago, on one particularly foggy night, a new island manifested itself close to the southern reaches of Rondhaven. The island was covered with seemingly empty buildings, using architectural styles from the last 200 years, and the streets followed a bizarre pattern no sane mind has ever made sense of. No trace of any inhabitants was ever found, but it did not take long for squatters, smugglers, and criminals of all kinds to make their home here.

This event was widely seen as a manifestation of Shaprat, and indeed its cultists seem to congregate here - as do other mentally disturbed people. Both the guards and the army of Rondhaven have tried to clear out Zeestad, but each time a portion of their forces goes missing without a trace, and a few weeks later the squatters always return. Controlling access to the island is nearly impossible, as the ocean receeds during low tide and reveals a land border to the neighboring Zeezicht district. The guards patrol the beaches, but they cannot be everywhere - and the frequent rolling fogs of the area limit their effectivity. Furthermore, rumors persist of portals opening up between Zeestadt and some of the poorer areas of the city.

The "Zeestad Question" remains a major political issue in Rondhaven, as everyone agrees that something should be done about this island but nobody can agree on what. Various proposals have been floated to magically destroy the island, or at least its surface, but so far the city government has been reluctant to go to such extremes, given both the expense and the likely cost in human lives.

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