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Occupying some of the few low hills of the area, Zeezicht was one of Rondhaven's wealthiest and prestigious districts. The inhabitants were largely conservative and preferred the district peaceful and quiet. A clear social pecking order existed, starting with the wealthy mansion owners living at the top of the hills, the smaller but still stately row houses close to the beach, and the numerous neighborhoods occupied by the most successful professionals of the city.

All this changed 15 years ago when Zeestad manifested right in front of the district, turning the ocean view for which the area was envied into a liability, as no one wanted to see an abomination against nature whenever they looked out of the window. The beach houses were largely abandoned, as nobody wanted to live in them or buy them, and soon squatters on their way to and from Zeestad slept here (though they are frequently chased away again by the patrolling guards). Many other residents of the district likely moved away, selling their houses or mansions at losses. Those who refuse to abadon their homes are embittered about their change in fortune and are among the strongest voices for "doing something" about Zeestad within the city. They fear that the time for their district is running out, as real estate speculators have started to buy much of the unused land and construct cheap rental apartment blocks for the teeming masses of the city's workers. This, too is causing no shortage of friction.

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