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The building commonly known as the Zeitgeber is officially called the "Office for Chronology", but everyone calls it after the vast clock that fills out most of the compound. The clock consists of a vast array of crystals enchanted to harmonize with the very planes of existence themselves, which each type of crystal representing a different plane. This harmonization causes the crystals to vibrate at extremely specific frequencies, and in combination with a precision array of clockwork gears they comprise the single most accurate clock on Rothea. To this building the most precise mobile clocks are brought for calibration, and then subsequently brought to other districts and even other cities so that the locals have a truly accurate mechanism for setting their local time. It is a pride for the Office for Chronology that their "Praxus Standard Time" is the time by which all the other clocks in the Flannish Cities are measured, and they boast that the Zeitgeber has never been wrong. In fact, they say that the only way the Zeitgeber could possibly go wrong in the future is a major interplanar disaster like the outbreak of the Eternal Storm centuries ago… but the odds of something like that happening are, of course, incredibly low.

Adventure Ideas

  • Of course, the Zeitgeber going wrong is a perfect sign for the campaign that something is going terribly wrong somewhere…

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