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The deteriorating conditions in the Nimdenthal Protectorate has led to an influx of refugees to the city. While some have managed to cram themselves into various deteriorating buildings elsewhere, others ended up with no place to go. Usually, these people end up in Zeltstadt ("tent city"), an agglomeration of tents and ramshackle wooden buildings originally founded by nomads of the Norfjell Wastes which periodically come here to trade, but which is now mainly inhabited by the refugees. While charities organized by various temples of the city try to improve the conditions of these people as well as they can, the death tolls are still horrendous each winter, and crime is just as common here as desperation. Nevertheless, if one knows where to look there are people with useful connections to the criminal underworld here, and one of the two goblin markets of the city can be found here as well.

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