Zhao Roh
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A nephew of the current Emperor and one of the possible contenders for the throne, Prince Zhao Roh was exiled to this barbaric western frontier in one of the capital's many courtly intrigues and now serves as the governor. Still, he has supporters back East who would dearly love to see him succeed the current emperor (in exchange for future favors, of course). He is currently contemplating whether to try to claim the throne for himself or simply ally himself with a faction that looks likely to win. He does desire the throne, but he is also realistic enough to not gamble on something he is not sure to win.

However, he does realize that whatever happens, he needs a power base that is as strong as possible so that he can come ahead in the coming struggles. For that, he has enlarged the armed forces under his control, filling the ranks with both natives and even foreign mercenaries. The loyalty of the recruits might sometimes be in doubt, but the Prince is confident that with enough discipline the troops will ultimately do as he orders.

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