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Many merchants of Gol Grungor are frustrated with their low status in dwarven society. Since most dwarves still are law-abiding, even if the laws might be unfair, most do not do more about this than occasionally complaining to their peers. But a small but growing minority among them has set out to do more.

The Zhulgur are first and foremost a secret, mutual support group for the merchants of Gol Grungor. Their overall goal is to increase the prosperity, status and influence of the merchant class (or at least those merchants who belong to the Zhulgur), but what precisely this means in practice can vary a lot. Some limit themselves to mutual advice and loans and possibly trying to convince higher-caste dwarves of their point of view. Others don't hesitate to stoop to smuggling, tax evasion, blackmail, and worse. A few are even importing surathi drugs from the far South in order to get influential dwarves addicted and thus more amenable to their suggestions.

No matter how they plan to go about it, the leaders of the Zhulgur agree that the caste system of Gol Grungor needs to be changed - and are planning for the coming revolution.

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