Zirvash The Undying
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When Negroth the Doombringer gathered his forces to invade the Flannish Kingdoms, Zirvash was one of his most loyal and powerful servants. Negroth only had to point him at an enemy, and the orcish warrior would take him down. As a reward, Negroth granted him a powerful magical boon: He put his soul into a crystal shard (not unlike a lich's phylactery) and placed an enchantment on him so that whenever he died, he would be resurrected at peak physical ability at the next nightfall, thus allowing him to fight perpetually in Negroth's name.

After Negroth's fall, Zirvash lost his focus. He tried unifying the orc tribes of the Norfjell Wastes and invade other regions a few times, but his lack of strategic talent always resulted in horrible losses for the orcs, leading to their gradual decline. He abandoned his dreams of conquest when he was buried alive for a decade during a raid on the Flannish Cities - he had finally found something worse than death. Since then, he has taken up wandering aimlessly, going wherever his whims take him. His fellow orcs still worship him as a living incarnation of their warrior gods, but he has become as tired as them as he has become of life. Sometimes he even travels with people from other races who don't recognize him and his legend, but in time he always moves on. Currently, he is trying to find the crystal holding his soul, which became lost after Negroth's fall. Not even Zirvash whether he only searches for it because he hopes he finally will be able to end his life once he finds it.

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