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Population: 1,852,798

This city was in a severe economic depression until recently, but a newly installed ruling council backed by several local merchant oligarchies has changed that with its aggressive policies. Its forces have started to "protect strategic resources" in the vicinity and frequently engage in skirmishes with patrols from nearby cities. That the government of Zuidenstadt is said to be in negotiations with the League of Armach is the cause of no few concerns among the other Flannish cities.

Life in Zuidenstadt


Life and Society

Due to the long-running economic depression, the population of residents and lumpen was very large when compared to the number of citizens. However, the reforms pushed through by the new government have altered the qualifications for citizenship. While the status of existing citizens cannot be downgraded by anything short of crimes, any resident and even lumpen can become a citizen by volunteering for and satisfactorily complete a two-year term of military service. Children of citizens would also be classified as residents until they, too, complete a term in the military. This has drastically increased both the number of citizens and the size of the armed forces, which can also now draw on a large number of trained reservists in the case of a real conflict. The reforms have been wildly popular with the freshly-minted citizens and resulted in a surge of patriotic fervor, as now the majority of the citizens truly feel like having a stake in their city.


Government and Politics

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Designer's Notes & Resources

The theme for Zuidenstadt is military-industrial complex. The military and industry are tightly intertwined in this city, and the demands of one feed into the demands of the other.


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